Diversified employment opportunities and an appropriately skilled population is essential to our individual and collective prosperity. In this cluster, we have four priority sectors - education, skills development, job creation and support for people with disabilities. These are intended to cultivate a diverse and dynamic economy with a skilled workforce, that attracts and retains businesses.

Discover the four Priority Sectors in the Human Development Cluster below:




1. Ensure that by 2022, 100% of schools for which FCC has responsibility are covered by a monitoring framework that includes teaching, learning, and safety standards

2. Ensure that by 2022, 100% of school children in the municipality can take public exams in transparent and credible conditions


Skills Development


1. Provide market-driven skills training to at least 20,000 people in Freetown by 2022

2. Teach functional literacy skills to at least 15,000 adults in Freetown with focus on women by 2022


Job Creation (focus: tourism)


1. Facilitate the creation of at least 4,000 new tourism-related jobs in Freetown by 2022




1. By 2022, improve the enabling environment for persons with disabilities in the areas of work, education and social inclusion

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