Targets & Initiatives for Disabilities


“Stigma, discrimination and a lack of opportunities are some of the major challenges confronting our disabled residents in Freetown and nationwide. As a Ministry, we stand ready to work in partnership with the Freetown City Council to alleviate some of these challenges. Through the Transform Freetown Agenda, our ministry will work with the Mayor and her team to advocate and provide access to job and learning opportunities, to enhance the meaningful participation of persons with disabilities in society. “

Mohamed Haji-Kella, Deputy Minister of Social Welfare, Gender and Children’s Affairs

Target 1

By 2022, improve the enabling environment for persons with disabilities in the areas of work, education and social inclusion

Initiative 1




At least one teacher in 50% of FCC’s schools to be appropriately trained as trainers in special needs education, by

  • Identifying all stakeholders carrying out existing work in this area
  • Ensuring that all actions planned/ undertaken fit in with and build on the Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education and other relevant central govt departments
  • Building on existing work done to create an appropriate training package
  • Identifying appropriate schools to ensure wide reach of initiative across Freetown
  • Training teachers to be trainers so as to increase the reach of the initiative

Initiative 2




Strengthen the network of DPOs engaged in training and improve their capacity to train 1,000 PWDs living in Freetown and link them to employment opportunities, by

  • Identifying Disabled Person Organisations engaged in training
  • Understanding the vocational training offered
  • Developing a selection criteria to identify 1000 PWDs to be trained
  • Identifying the skills that the market needs and link with NCTVA