Transform Freetown Clusters


The Transform Freetown priorities are grouped within four clusters – Resilience, Human Development, Healthy Cities and Urban Mobility. The task of the Working Groups was to set targets in each priority sector and design the initiatives necessary to achieve them.

You can explore the targets & iniatives in each cluster below:



Recent experience has demonstrated that our city, like others around the world, must become more resilient to the environmental, social and economic shocks and stresses that are a growing reality of the 21st century. Tackling challenges within three priority sectors – environmental management, revenue mobilisation and urban planning and housing – will help acheive this.



Human Development

Diversified employment opportunities and an appropriately skilled population is essential to our individual and collective prosperity. In this cluster, we have four priority sectors – education, skills development, job creation and support for people with disabilities. These are intended to cultivate a diverse and dynamic economy with a skilled workforce, that attracts and retains businesses.



Healthy Cities

Recognising the link between public health, economic promotion and community development, and addressing challenges related to the three priority sectors – health, water and sanitation – will help Freetown become a healthier and more productive place to live and work.




Urban Mobility

Rapid urban population growth, the increasing use of private modes of transport and poor urban planning limit urban mobility, and create particular challenges for women and children, the elderly and the disabled. Addressing some of these challenges will support the acheivement of other priorities, particularly those related to the environment, economic development, health and safety and job creation.