Property Tax

All Freetonians have a role to play in the transformation of our city

Payment of property tax by all is a crucial foundation for Freetown’s transformation. Revenues will be used to fund critical public services across the city – from building a sustainable waste management system to improving the city’s road infrastructure.

Annually, all property owners are required to pay tax and each should receive a rate demand notice detailing payment amounts. Payments must be made to the bank and can be paid in up to three installments:

Payment deadline: 30th September

In cases of non-payment, Freetown City Council will take action through penalties, court hearings and potential seizure of property.
If you have not received a rate demand notice by 1st September or would like to make any other enquiry, please visit us at the council, contact us on +232 76 404 979 or fill out a form below.

Payments made by Oversea Banks

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