Job Creation

Targets & Initiatives for Job Creation (focus: tourism)


“Job creation is an important catalyst to ensure that those who live at the margins, can have ownership of their lives and future. The Mayor of Freetown’s focus on ensuring inclusive access to economic opportunities was key in brainstorming ideas in the job creation working group. We are confident that through such a collaborative exercise, the Transform Freetown initiative will lead to more job generation, innovation and creativity in the tourism sector. ” Ngozi Cole, Cordaid.

Target 1

Facilitate the creation of at least 4,000 new tourism-related jobs in Freetown by 2022

Initiative 1




Develop and implement a ‘Discover Freetown’ campaign by

  • Raising local and international awareness of Freetown’s tourists sites
  • Working in collaboration with Ministry of Tourism, the Monuments and Relics Commission and other stakeholders to ensure that Freetown’s heritage sites are protected and preserved
  • Working with relevant stakeholders to reduce the cost of accessing Freetown’s heritage sites

Initiative 2




Collaborate with relevant stakeholders to enhance the quality of training for hospitality professionals and link them to market opportunities by

  • Mapping stakeholders in the Freetown hospitality training industry
  • Undertaking a Freetown hospitality training needs and market assessment and working with public and private sector players to fill the gaps
  • Working with Ministries of Tourism and Higher Education to strengthen the hospitality training certification system
  • Working with the Ministries of Tourism and Labour to strengthen the regulatory framework for Freetown hospitality sector working conditions