Targets & Initiatives for Education


“A quality education for every child is one of the great challenges of our time. Across the world there are examples of cities that have risen to this challenge: if we work together, Freetown can be next. To that end, at Rising Academies we strongly welcome the Mayor’s Transform Freetown Initiative, along with the clear priorities, the focus on measurable results and the spirit of collaboration that underpin it “ Dr Stephanie Dobrowolski, Co-founder, Rising Academies

Target 1

Ensure that by 2022, 100% of schools under the jurisdiction of the FCC are covered by a monitoring framework including teaching, learning, and safety standards 

Initiative 1




Create competent capacity at FCC to conduct M&E and enforce framework leveraging multi-stakeholder input on teaching and learning, by

  • Reviewing and revising existing M&E activities and guidelines and map schools in Freetown
  • Involving key stakeholders to define requirements for schools for which FCC has responsibility, involve key stakeholders to define and strengthen framework for monitoring of teachers, examinations taking, and school safety standards and amend framework to reflect changes
  • Facilitating devolution for the responsibility for M&E to FCC
  • Identifying measures to enforce M&E outcomes

Initiative 2




Develop and adopt a comprehensive M&E System on child safety standards and interventions, by

  • Convening key stakeholders and create task force
  • Identifying relevant applicable guidelines and regulations for safety and safeguarding
  • Reviewing documents and identify gaps/ needed changes
  • Revising, developing, and adopting effective safety and safeguarding guidelines and mechanisms
  • Developing and implementing training for key stakeholders, e.g., teachers, schools

Target 2

Ensure that by 2022, 100% of school children in the municipality can take public exams in transparent and credible conditions

Initiative 1


target 2-min


Enhancing quality control of public examinations, by

  • Convene key stakeholders and create task force
  • Identify relevant applicable guidelines and regulations for examinations
  • Review documents and identify gaps / needed changes
  • Develop and implement training for key stakeholders, e.g., schools, teachers, examiners
edu2 “The reaching Service Commission welcomes the prospect of collaboration with the Municipality of Freetown on the Transform Freetown initiative. As we strive to deploy competent and dedicated teachers to schools, we believe that children can learn best in schools that are equipped, safe and secure. We believe also that Child Friendly Schools operate best in Child Friendly Cities. Transform Freetown captures these vital connections in a holistic approach through mutually-supportive partnerships and networks to achieve this goal. The TSC is committed to the initiative and will be represented in the Education Committee by the Deputy Director of the Western Urban District. We wish Her Worship the Mayor and her team every success in the process of transforming Freetown, instilling high standards, fostering good governance and restoring the glory of a city that we can all be proud of. ” Chairperson of the Teaching Service Commission, Madam Stanella Beckley