Recent experience has demonstrated that our city, like others around the world, must become more resilient to the environmental, social and economic shocks and stresses that are a growing reality of the 21st century. Tackling challenges within three priority sectors – environmental management, revenue mobilisation and urban planning and housing – will help acheive this.

Discover the three Priority Sectors in the Resilience Cluster below:


Environmental Management


1. Increase the capacity of Freetown’s 48 wards to recognise risk and identify resilient solutions to prevent and recover from disaster.

2. Ensure and effective multistakeholder collaboration mechanism and strengthen environmental governance.


Urban Planning and Housing


1. Build >5,000 quality low-cost housing units for Freetown in collaboration with Western Area Rural District Council by 2022.

2. Develop the Freetown Zonal Plan and ensure the >90% of new buildings and structures constructed abide by the plan and appropriate regulations by 2020.


Revenue Mobilization


1. Increase tax revenue fivefold from 7bn to 35bn Le by 2020.

2. Increase non-tax revenue three-fold from 2bn to 6bn Le by 2020.