Recognising the link between public health, economic promotion and community development, and addressing challenges related to the three priority sectors - health, water and sanitation - will help Freetown become a healthier and more productive place to live and work.

Discover the three Priority Sectors in the Healthy Cities Cluster below:




1. By 2022, reduce by 40% maternal mortality in Freetown

2. By 2022, increase by 20% the adoption of healthy behaviours to reduce specific non-communicable conditions (diabetes, hypertension, reproductive cancers, mental health, and substance abuse)




1. By 2022, 75% of residents in Freetown will have access to a safe, affordable and sustainable water supply




1. Ensure that 60% of Freetown’s solid and liquid waste is safely collected, managed and disposed of by 2022

2. Ensure that 40% of all plastic waste in Freetown is recycled by 2022

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