Targets & Initiatives  for Water


“Freetown WASH Consortium is committed to work towards improved access to WASH in Sierra¬† Leone and welcomes this much-needed and timely Transform Freetown initiative of Her Worship the Mayor. The Consortium will continue to support the City Council and relevant government departments and ministries to achieve the SDGs and help communities out of poverty. “
Mohamed Naveed – WASH

Target 1

By 2022, 75% of residents in Freetown will have access to a safe, affordable and sustainable water supply

Initiative 1




Collaborate with relevant stakeholders to implement protection and restoration of the four (4) key watersheds that supply water to Freetown & Construct or rehabilitate water supply infrastructure in Freetown, by

  • Identify and co-ordinate effective engagement of relevant stakeholders including their ongoing activities to avoid duplication
  • Review existing legislation and plans
  • Develop monitoring system
  • Increase service delivery of the supply
  • Ensure equity of distribution
  • Undertake mapping exercise to create baseline of existing waterpoints
  • Develop monitoring system


“The management and staff of Guma Valley Water Company feel privileged to have participated in the development of the water sector component of the Transform Freetown programme, and remain fully committed to its implementation. “

Ing. Maada S Kpenge, General Manager, Guma Valley Water