Request for Expression of Interest for the Design, Finance, Build, Operate and Transfer (DFBOT) PPP Concession Arrangement for the Freetown City Markets Phase 1


One of the critical components of the Transform Freetown Agenda is the immediate need to address the urban mobility challenge of congestion particularly resulting in street trading. The Freetown City Council (FCC) has undertaken a wide consultation exercise and has devised a strategy to address this mobility challenge through collaboration with the private sector on a Public Private Partnership (PPP) model. The Freetown City Council is seeking for Expression of Interest from capable private entities, both local and international, to partner on a Design, Finance, Build, Operate and Transfer (DFBOT) PPP Concession arrangement for Freetown City Markets Phase 1 nine (9) markets out of 32 main markets within the Freetown Municipality) as the pilot program. The markets identified for partnership with the successful bidders are:

(1) The Aberdeen Market

(2) Hagan Street Market

(3) Allen Town Market

(4) Peters Brook Market (nicknamed – Belgium)

(5) King Jimmy Market (via the coast)

(6) Wilberforce Market

(7) Calaba Town Market

(8) Wellington Palm Bridge Market and

(9) Garrison Street Market.

All these markets have existing stalls but have inadequate or no sanitation facilities, limited physical structure to accommodate traders resulting in street trading. However within the traders’ community, there is a high level of willingness-to-pay for improved market facilities.

Huge planning and financial resources are required in the short term to address the above challenges.  FCC cannot afford these resources and is therefore seeking a PPP solution. This project falls under the Freetown Market Development Project (FMDP) and will require investment from the private sector towards developing the design of a new/improved market, planning and financing for construction and thereafter operating and managing the markets.

The improved/new markets are envisioned to be a source of specific domestic products such as and a variety of goods, services, fresh local food, crafts and other local specialties for citizens of Freetown and for tourists. The new markets will be located in strategic areas across the City, so as to enhance economic activity that impact livelihoods in the 48 Wards where they are located.  A concept design of the markets will be provided which will form the basis of the Standard Bid of all Bidders.  The Concept Design Market will comprise stalls, Shops and Storage Units and it is envisaged that it should be an indoor, all year-round facility that could be open up to 6 days a week.  The Markets will showcase the best products food stuffs and dry products representing the character, history, and culture of Freetown and its citizens.

FCC is the legal owner of the land in all of the markets and each site is free of encumbrances. The FCC has preliminary data on each market and is keen to protect historical relics in the King Jimmy Market.  FCC will grant the [25yr] concession to the successful bidder(s) for the sites of each market and the bidder will be required to invest to design and build the market and then, whilst managing and operating the markets, pay to FCC a monthly concession fee and recoup their investments by renting the stalls, shops and storage units to traders and store merchants.  FCC will evaluate and select the successful bidder(s) on the basis of bidders’ (1) technical solution, (2) financial capacity to fund the development, (3) robust business operating model, (4) quantum of the concession fee to FCC and (5) any other proposal for added benefits to FCC that address the Transform Freetown Agenda.


  1. Objectives of the PPP Project

The main objective of the project is to address the social need of the local communities by providing, operating and maintaining functioning markets for the trading of food stuffs and dry products demanded by residents within the relevant Wards and in so doing relieve traffic congestion in the vicinity of the markets. The markets will comprise of a mixture of stalls, shops and storage units and be delivered either as an improvement of old markets or the construction of new markets through an effective PPP DFBOT Concession awarded to successful selected bidders.

Other objectives include:

  • Provide a more conducive and weather-tight trading environment for both traders and customers (by building the “New Markets” to a higher quality standard befitting of Freetown in accordance with the Transform Freetown objectives);
  • Provide additional supporting infrastructure and facilities to vendors to improve their ability to trade;
  • Have the ability to accommodate more vendors within the new markets;
  • Provide improved welfare and health and safety facilities to vendors and customers;
  • Facilitate easy pedestrian flow within the market and reduce vehicular and pedestrian congestion outside the Markets;
  • Upgrade the socio-economic infrastructure of the city;
  • Provide business opportunities for (local) private sector providers.


  1. Scope and Duration of the Project

So as to incentivise this significant and strategic investment in the markets and allow sufficient time for the bidders to make a return on their investment, the term of the project will be [25yrs].  FCC will stipulate that bidder can only charge stallholders the prevailing amount of FCC rates/dues, but the bidder is free to charge commercial rents for the shops and storage units.  FCC will expect the successful bidder to operate and maintain the markets to certain prescribed performance standards (which FCC will advise with the bid documents) and poor performance may cause FCC to terminate the concession and either bring the service back in-house or transfer to a more capable bidder.  In all events of a termination of the concession, FCC will take back control of the markets but the bidder will be compensated for their investment in the market.


  1. Location

The project consists of nine (9) markets paired into 4 lots:

Lot Description
1 The Aberdeen Market And Wilberforce Market
2 Hagan Street Market, Wellington Palm Bridge Market, King Jimmy Market (Via The Cost) , Peters Brook Market (Nicknamed –Belgium) And Calaba Town Market
3 Allen Town Market
4 Garrison Street Market


All of the markets are within the Freetown Municipality.


  1. Procurement Method

International Competitive Bidding (ICB) procedures for the selection of a private partner. The project consists of 9 (nine) markets which are group into four (4) Lots.


  1. Requirements from Interested Bidders

The following prequalification documents shall be submitted by the Sponsor for each Bidder:

(a)       Company Name, Certificate of Incorporation, and Business registration certificate, Registration with Freetown City Council (mandatory for local entities), Postal address, Telephone, and Email.

(b)       Bidder’s profile (nature of business), Capability Statement, and Brief Company History;

(c)       Sponsor’s Audited financial statements for the past 3 (three) years and capacity to raise required financing;

(d)       Valid joint-venture Agreement or duly notarized statements from all the potential joint-venture partners, if the bidder is a consortium of entities towards this project


  1. Reporting & Communication

Interested Bidders are required to seek for further clarifications through the following contact:


The Procurement Manager

Freetown City Council

Wallace Johnson Street



  1. EOI’s Closing Date & Time

Interested bidders are required to forward hard/electronic EOI letter and all accompanying documentations expressing interest on the project and attaching all documentations in fulfilment of the requirements as highlighted above either on or before Thursday 3:00pm on 28TH January, 2020 to Only shortlisted bidders will be contacted to participate in the proposals stage.



Hand-deliver a letter addressed to:

The Procurement Officer

Freetown City Council

17 Wallace Johnson Street


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