The Office of the Chief Finance Officer | Ishmaila Bah

The Finance Department of the Freetown City Council controls expenditures and obligations (including operating expenses, debt, payroll) receipting and depositing all local revenues and city rates.

What We Do

The Finance Officer ensures that all payment vouchers are prepared according to laid down procedures and that all necessary supporting documents are attached before authorizing payment; coordinates and monitor weekly fund requirements and cash positions to ensure that program managers are able to execute their activities effectively.

Who We Are

The Department manages the investment of all monies under the Council; maintains financial, accounting, administrative and personnel services in order to meet legislative requirements and support the city council operations.

Contact information:

Office of the Chief Finance Officer
Tel: +232 76 31 70 59

The Accountant | William Martyn

The Accountant is responsible to apply principles of accounting with the view to analyse financial information and prepare financial reports by compiling information, preparing financial statements, and utilizing appropriate accounting control procedures for the city council.

What We Do

The Department provides supervision over the receipt of revenue, ensure its prompt collection and report immediately any defect or difficulty in the procedure for the collection of revenue noticed; acknowledge and bring promptly to account under the proper accounting code all money collected and ensures that no-unauthorized payment is made and report immediately any waste or extravagance noticed.

Contact information:

Office of the Accountant
Tel: +232 78432821

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