FCC Continues Community Engagement and Enforcement on Sanitation

Today, our sanitation teams made up of sanitary inspectors, tricycle operators and Metropolitan Officers, were in the east of the city engaging traders and shop owners on the need to keep their surroundings clean.

The teams visited shops and petty traders between Up Gun and Ferry Junction, along Bai Bureh Road, which is probably the most prominent road in the east.

The engagement involved explaining that traders and shop owners need to keep their surroundings, especially their frontage, clean at all times – even during trading hours. Littering during the day undoes the hard work of FCC’s tricycle operators who clean all major streets every morning.

Traders and shop owners whose surroundings were filthy were served a notice to clean within three days or face a fine of up to Le 500,000.

Traders and shop owners who did not have someone collecting their waste regularly were provided with the contacts of registered waste service providers, through FCC will follow up to ensure that they have people collected their waste.

The community engagement and enforcement comes as a result of FCC’s public space cleaning teams observed that many Commerical areas are littered soon after they are cleaned by FCC.

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