Phase 2 of FCC’s Flood Mitigation Ends

This week, we ended phase two of our 2020 #FloodMitigation activities!

In this phase, 21 of our 48 wards benefitted and we cleared 56 locations prone to flooding during heavy rains!

Thank you to our partners EU, Irish Aid, RSLAF, CRS and Caritas for helping us clear drains, bridges, culverts and other waterways and immediately taking debris and silt to our dump sites! Through your support we have been able to prevent severe flooding in many areas that previously experienced it.

Thanks to our Councillors and community volunteers for supporting our teams!

See some photos of the work done during phase 2 of FCC’s #FloodMitigation activities, which covered areas including Mayenkineh, Kroo Town Road, Juba, Kamayama, Congo Water, Cotton Tree and Up Gun.