Freetown, 26th October 2018— In a bid to sustain the gains made by the flood mitigation plan, The Freetown City Council (FCC) on the 10th October 2018 launched its cleanest zone in Freetown competition (as one of the initiatives under the umbrella of the Sanitation Working Group). This competition will motivate communities to carry the spirit of National Cleaning Day into everyday life and ensure that they properly dispose of their waste.

This will be achieved by rewarding communities that achieve the most significant progress in cleanliness, beautification, sustainability, and innovative solutions with prizes including solar-powered streetlights, a water point, pavement of roads and scholarship support for local children.


  1. FIRST PRIZE – 4 IMPROVEMENTS FOR YOUR ZONE! 10 solar-powered streetlights, 1 water point, 500 meters of road paved with recycled plastic outdoor tiles, and 10 scholarships (5 junior secondary and 5 primary; 6 girls and 4 boys) to complement the quality free education initiative.

Sanitation (both solid and liquid waste) is one of the biggest challenges we face in Freetown.  If we are going to solve this problem, it is essential that everyone does their bit.  The Cleanest Zone in Freetown Competition rewards the communities who are doing the most to improve sanitation in their zone, with amazing prizes which will make a real difference to those communities in the long term.

The Mayor said, “we know we will only succeed in improving sanitation in Freetown when there is strong community ownership and participation. The Cleanest Zone in Freetown Competition enables communities to realize immediate benefits of keeping their environment clean. I’m excited to see what communities can achieve as we work together towards this common goal”

The first competition is underway, and the winners and runners-up will be announced at the first Transform Freetown Forum on 14 December 2018, at the same time as FCC announces the targets and initiatives which are in the process of being set by our 11 Sector Working Groups.  There will then be subsequent competitions every 6 months.

The rules for the competition have been carefully designed to ensure that all communities have an equal chance of winning the prize.  Some areas of Freetown are of course already cleaner than others.  The competition therefore rewards the greatest improvement in cleanliness in each zone, measured against a baseline assessment which will be undertaken by Freetown City Council’s team of assessors in the very near future.

The baseline status and the improvement against baseline will be measured by reference to clear and publicly available criteria, which are themselves designed to make sure that communities’ efforts are targeted to the most important sanitation issues, and that communities are encouraged to make sustainable and permanent changes. Please check on our website for the rules of the competition, the map and our list of wards and zones, with key boundaries and landmarks identified. If you are still unsure, please ask your ward councillor.


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