Advert for waste service provider MCC Project


The Freetown City Council with Funding from the Mayor’s Migration Council (MMC) is implementing a Waste Management Micro-Enterprise Program to address urgent COVID-19 relief needs of migrants, refugees, and internally displaced people Freetown living in urban centres while empowering local leadership to institute inclusive practices that can be scaled and replicated elsewhere. FCC will build on the EU existing waste micro-enterprise strategy to expand its Waste Management Micro-Enterprise program to ensure more youth living in informal settlements, many of whom are rural migrants, access the opportunity to jointly improve their livelihoods and the public health of their communities, now and in the future.

In fulfilment of the project implementation, FCC invites applications from suitable qualified waste service providers youth groups in Freetown.

Successful youth groups will be responsible for the following:

  • Daily sweeping and cleaning of assigned streets, sideways, and drainages.
  • Clearing of illegal dumpsites within assigned areas.
  • Support Freetown City Council in cleaning and clearing of the public space.
  • Responsible for collecting wastes from households within the assigned area.
  • Register and maintain a customer database for all registered customers within the assigned area.

To be successful, waste service provider MUST:

  • 75% of the membership are internally displaced persons/ refugees
  • 25% of the group membership are women from informal settlements
  • Experience working as a waste management service provider in Freetown
  • Licensed driver as a member of the group

If you are interested in working as a waste service provider for Freetown City Council and have the right skills and experience, send your application, consisting of a letter of interest, and Freetown City Council waste service provider registration certificate to the Head of Environmental, Health and Sanitation Department Freetown City Council at 17 Wallace Johnson Street, New City Hall, using “WASTE SERVICE PROVIDER” as the subject of the application.

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