FCC Starts Construction of Rainwater Harvesting Systems in 50 Communities in Partnership with CONCERN

With hand washing being a key measure in preventing the spread of COVID-19, FCC has accelerated its plans to provide rainwater harvesting systems in sixty-eight of the city’s most water-deprived communities.
The provision of handwashing systems is a key component of FCC’s support to enable behavior change necessary to prevent #COVID19. FCC is aware of the fact that up to 47% of Freetown’s residents do not have access to water and the provision of rainwater harvesting systems should help residents of beneficiary communities to have access to much needed water to wash their hands.
Over the last week, FCC conducted an initial assessment of sites to install rainwater harvesting systems. The assessments were done jointly with communities, represented by Councillors, Ward Development Committee members and other stakeholders, who provided guidance as to where they will want the rainwater harvesting systems to be constructed. All sites were selected based on technical requirements and community input.
Over the next ten days, 5000-liter tanks will be constructed across 50 communities, including Coconut Farm, Aschobi Corner, Quarry, Portee, Moyiba, Racecourse, Kanikay and Pillar Street. The remaining 18 will start immediately after.
Thank you to CONCERN for partnering with us to provide help where it’s most needed!

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