FCC Conducts Public Space Clean Up as we Continue to Work to Keep Freetown Clean

If you passed by Congo Cross Bridge today, you would have seen our sanitation team cleaning the environs, particularly the illegal dumpsite that had been created there.

Our team, which comprised the Councillors of the Sanitation committee, sanitary inspectors, MET police tricycle youth groups and public space cleaning monitors, also engaged the surrounding informal community advising them to stop dumping waste illegally and providing them with the contact information of tricycle youth groups that can collect their waste.

Today’s public space cleaning is part of FCC’s continued efforts to keep Freetown clean. We have made several arrests this week and our tricycle youth groups continue sweeping all major streets everyday.

Be a good resident and play your part to keep Freetown clean. Call a waste service provider to dispose of your waste. Use or call +23275434012 if you need contact details for your nearest waste service provider. If you see anyone littering or dumping garbage where they are not supposed to, call us on the same number +23275434012.

Our public space cleanup will continue each week in various locations.

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