Freetown City Council (FCC) is delighted to inform the General Public that the 15 Storey Freetown City Hall, which was under construction by the Government of Sierra Leone with support from the Government of South Korea is almost complete. The Council is seeking the services of eligible service providers for facilities management of the City Hall.

Objective of the Assignment

FCC is soliciting proposals from experienced and professional companies dealing in facilities and property management to provide a range of fully integrated services for the operations, management and maintenance of the FCC New City Hall in Sierra Leone. The successful Bidder will be required to sign a contract with FCC to perform facilities and engineering management services and agreeing to clearly identified service levels.


The Freetown City Hall will be handed over to FCC in January 2021 and be operational with immediate effect. It comprises of office space, conference, auditorium, hospitality, sky lounge, roof garden and computer lab, library and public space and private car park facilities. The ultra-modern facilities with central control center includes emergency management and monitoring systems, back-up power and water reserves, and active security systems. The City Hall will house FCC staff, and other tenants such as UN agencies and government departments.  The FCC New City Hall is located at Wallace Johnson Street, Freetown Sierra Leone. The premises are provided by FCC and the Government of Sierra Leone but operating and maintenance costs are financed by FCC. Tenants will contribute towards the operational and maintenance costs and also pay actual costs of utilities consumed, office cleaning and disposal of waste. By arrangement through FCC,  additional income will be generated from the multi-story parking lot and from charging fees for the usage of conference facilities, a sizeable space component of the building. 


The successful applicant will be required to oversee the operations and management of the building. The Facilities Management (FM) Company will report to the FCC Chief Administrator in the delivery of specified facilities and engineering management services to clearly identified service levels and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Governance Arrangements are outlined below:

  1.  Performance Regime.  For each sub activity under Reporting, Hard FM and Soft FM services, the FM Company will be assessed for Value for Money (VfM), Quality of Service (QoS) and Customer satisfaction against four performance levels (Fail, Sub-Standard, Acceptable, Excellent).  Monthly deductions/incentives will be applied accordingly.
  2. Performance Board retention:

    The FM company is required to provide a performance bond for protection against poor performance, or FCC will retain a percentage of monthly revenue until the end of the year.   Performance Bond or Retention will be used to pay for any performance deductions incurred by the Facilities Manager in delivering the service or for any loss caused by the Facilities Manager. 

  3. Termination Provisions:

    FCC will have the right to terminate and replace the Facilities Manager for a variety of events which would include but is not limited to prolonged Force Majeure, poor performance for short period of time or substandard performance over very long period of time and Fraud, Bankruptcy, corruption, etc

The Selection Process

The Freetown City Council now invites firms to indicate their interest in providing the services. Interested firms must provide a Prequalification Submission which will include a statement of capability and experience indicating that they are qualified to perform the services (description of similar assignments, experience in similar assignments, availability of appropriate skills and staff, etc.). Those firms that prequalify will then be sent a detailed RfP which will require them to submit a Technical Submission and a Financial Submission.


All EoIs must also be accompanied by:

  • A Valid Business Registration Certificate
  • A Valid Tax Clearance Certificate
  • A Valid NaSSIT Certificate
  • A Valid Local Council Certificate

This advertisement is open to all firms that may express their interest and provide the aforesaid eligibility requirements.  A short list of firms will be compiled in accordance with requirements set out in this Expression of Interest. Written expressions of interest must be delivered to the address below by not later than 17:00 hours 5th February, 2021

The Procurement Officer

Freetown City Council

17 Wallace Johnson Street


Tel: +232 76 674978


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