Public Notice on the Sewage Overflow in Various Parts of the Central Business District

Freetown City Council wishes to apologize to the general public for the overflow of sewage from the sewage network at several locations in the central business district. These locations include various points along Charlotte Street and Wallace Johnson Street (Big Market, Government Bookshop and King Jimmy Bridge).

In addition to maintenance works carried out earlier this year, Freetown City Council last week engaged a contractor to assess the cause of the current overflow. It was determined that silt (from gravel and construction materials) is the main reason behind clogged sewer pipes. Other materials, including sanitary pads and disposable diapers (pampers) have also contributed to the clogging of our sewers.

Freetown City Council is working around the clock to ensure that short term measures are implemented in all locations before the end of the week. We have already done repair works at Wallace John Street (by the Government Bookshop). Works at other locations are underway.

Within the next two months, Freetown City Council will conduct an assessment of the existing sewer network, with a focus on the number of properties connected to the sewer network and entrance points for foreign materials. This will inform future long term works to improve the sewer infrastructure.

Once again, we apologize to our residents.


Festus Kallay

Chief Administrator

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