Payments made by Overseas Bank Deposit

Freetown City Council invites overseas taxpayers and business licence holders to settle their

FCC has made arrangements for overseas taxpayers and licence holders to settle their
accounts from their own non-Sierra Leone bank. We do not yet have the technology in place
for internet banking nor the opportunity for direct deposit from an overseas bank account.
Depositors are however able to use their international bank to make a transfer to the
Freetown City Council Bank using a Bank Identifier Code (BIC) otherwise known as SWIFT.
The payment will reach the FCC bank account in this way.

Your bank will require the following information:

The Receiving Freetown City Bank for Overseas Payments will be as follows:

  1. The Depositors name and address
  2. Beneficiary is Freetown City Council
  3. FCC address is New City Hall, Wallace Johnson Street, Freetown, Sierra Leone, FQR8+G2
3. The amount of your deposit. You must ensure that the exchange rate plus any bank costs will be sufficient to cover the amount of the Rate Demand Notice (RDN).

4 Include a careful note of the RDN reference. You will find a prominent reference number as FCC###### on the RDN

The above process will ensure that the funds reach the Freetown City Council bank account,
but we need to ensure that your correct FCC taxpayer account is credited so that the
taxpayer is not otherwise in default. To ensure the correct taxpayer account is credited you
must send an email to FCC at email address:

  1. Scan your Rate Demand Notice and send to the Chief Administrator at the email address above so that we can credit your personal FCC property tax account
  2. Scan and send by email a copy of your local payment advice slip you have completed for the payment at your Bank. The FCC Administrator will arrange to follow up with the relevant Freetown Bank
  3. Confirm the name of the property or business Owner and any changes to be made to the name listed on the RDN
  4. The Administrator will confirm receipt of your payment by return email.
  5. Note that any deposits made in a foreign currency must be sufficient to cover the entire amount shown in the Rate Demand Notice. Be aware that there may be currency exchange fluctuations and bank charges and these must be considered by the depositor.

We would like to set up a system of e-billing in future to avoid the high cost of manual delivery. Please indicate if you would agree to be billed in this way in future.