National Primary School Examination (NPSE) 2020

The 2020 National Primary School Examination (NPSE) results were released on Thursday 17 September 2020 after just 45 days for marking and processing. Duration of marking scrips habitually runs in excess of 100 days. This was specifically identified as a problem to be remedied by FCC’s NPSE 2019 data conference. 
The performance of the Freetown schools are as follows:


The examination was conducted in 66 centres across the city.  The entries totaled 27,805 pupils of which 12,978(46.68%) were boys and 14,827 (53.32%) girls.  Entries for 2020 were 1,675 greater (741 boys, 934 girls) than for NPSE  2019. This is an increase of approximately 4.10% which is less than the national increase of 7.4%.
Candidates by region and gender were as follows:


Performance of Candidates

The highest aggregate score obtained nationally in the 2020 NPSE was 367. The candidate was from the western area urban; this is above the highest aggregate score of 360 obtained in 2019 also from Municipality.
The Western Area Urban put forward 23,636 candidates, comprising 11,134 boys and 12,502 girls, that topped the pass mark of 230  in 2020. This corresponds to an overall pass rate of 85% which was the best in the country. The boys pass rate was 85.86% and a girls pass rate was 84.39%.  

The top  candidates in Freetown and nationally are as follows:

Performance of Schools

195 out 582 schools (33.51%) had 100% pass rates. This is above the national average of 19%. Only 1 school had a pass rate of less than 10%. There was no school in the municipality whose pass rate was 0%. The regional distribution of schools with 100% pass rates is as follows:

The top 10 schools nation-wide were all from Freetown as follows:

Performance in Papers

As expected the average mark for the different papers was above 50. It is noticeable that the average score for boys is higher than girls for every paper except English.

The performance of the Western Area is better than the other regions generally, and in each of the individual subjects..

Figures and analysis courtesy of MBSSE

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