Freetown City Council Has Taken Over the Management of the CBD Sewage Network

The general public is hereby informed that Freetown City Council has taken over the management of the sewage network in the city’s central business district (CBD) effective January 1, 2020.

Freetown City Council is in the course of taking the following steps to improve the management of the sewage network:

  1. Carrying out a comprehensive survey of the network to identify essential maintenance and repairs and to ensure that FCC has a comprehensive list of all persons or businesses connected to the network
  2. Appointing a contractor through a transparent procurement process to carry out essential repairs and perform routine maintenance, checks and any emergency repairs.
  3. Carrying out a full review of the fees charged and arrears owed to date

All individuals or businesses that already use or wish to use the service of the CBD sewage network must make payment for their 2020 connection fees to the Freetown City Council.



Festus Kallay

Chief Administrator

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