Sanitation Achievements

Sanitation, including solid waste management, is probably Freetown’s biggest challenge.  Solid waste kept or burned in homes is unsanitary and causes disease.  Solid waste thrown into drainages and water courses causes flooding and standing water, which in addition to tragic deaths and injuries causes widespread economic damage and is a major vector in the spread of malaria and cholera.  Further, Freetown’s dirty streets discourage tourism.

By the end of the Mayor’s first 100 days, Freetown City Council had done amazing work to begin to address these problems, firstly to address systemic and every day issues:

Graphic 1

Secondly, with the help of many partners, Freetown City Council was able to implement the first phase of its flood mitigation work:

Graphic 3
Graphic 4
Graphic 5
Graphic 6

Freetown City Council is continuing the flood mitigation work.  We have World Bank and IrishAid funding to carry out further extensive works, in collaboration with communities and GovSL, in further critical areas across the City before the 2019 rainy season.