FCC is Transforming an Illegal Dumpsite into a Solid Waste Transfer Station

FCC, with funding from DfID, has been working on rolling out 7 transfer stations across the city. The transfer stations will temporarily hold household waste collected by waste service providers (not for individual household use) until they are transferred to dumpsites at the end of each day.
One of such transfer stations, located at Upper Mountain Cut, was an illegal community dumpsite. During April 2020, as FCC’s implementing partner, CRS prepared the land for use, more than 1,600 cubic meters of waste, which had accumulated on the site over the years, was removed. It was enough garbage to fill 50 trucks up!
Illegal dumpsites pose serious environmental, health and economic risks to surrounding communities and the city as a whole. FCC and CRS will work towards combating illegal dumping through the establishment of the transfer stations which will provide a safe, controlled, environmentally sound facilities for solid waste management.
FCC continues to appeal to residents to use waste service providers to dispose of waste and keep Freetown clean. Use to find the waste service providers in your ward.
FCC will continue working to #TransformFreetown as we support the fight against the COVID-19 outbreak.

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