FCC Begins Pilot for it’s Social Distancing Measures at Bombay Street and Kroo Town Road Markets

Over the last two weeks, FCC has made considerable progress on its work to enhance social distancing in markets, as part of the FCC Preparedness and Response Plan for #COVID19.

FCC kicked off the process with consultations on effective social distancing measures. The consultations were led by the Municipal Trade Department with support from Councillors and input was provided by several key partners including market chairladies, Traders’ Union, Drivers’ Union, Sierra Leone Road Safety Authority (SLRSA) and Sierra Leone Police (SLP). The consultations happened simultaneously with a feasibility study at Bombay Street market, based on which a plan has been drawn for social distancing in the market and surrounding areas (see photos of the Market during the feasibility study/before the pilot began and the sketch of the layout and flow of traffic below).

On Sunday 10th May, FCC started the pilot of the plan at Bombay Street and Kroo Town Road Markets and we intend to roll out to all markets across Freetown. Some of the measures to reduce human interaction identified through the stakeholder consultations and feasibility study include;

1. Mandatory hand washing at market entry and exit points.

2. Buyers and traders must wear masks before entering the market.

3. One-way flow of traffic in the market with dedicated entry and exit points.

4. Similar commodities being sold in the same area to enhance the one directional flow of people.

5. No hawking allowed.

SLP, SLRSA, Drivers’ Union and Traders’ Union Marshalls as well as Bombay Market monitors and FCC Municipal Trade Department will ensure compliance with the new adaptions.

FCC will continue to work with our partners – market chairladies, SLP, SLRSA, Drivers’ Union and Traders’ Union Marshalls – to institute social distancing measures in markets throughout the city in the fight to #StopCOVID19. We look forward to sharing photos of the markets as the pilot progresses.


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