Cleanest Zone Assessment Criteria

The criteria which the Cleanest Zone Competition are marked against have been split into three categories, Cleanliness, Beautification and Sustainability and innovative solutions, as seen below. The total mark in each category will be weighted by the indicated percentage, and summed together for the final score.


Cleanliness (50%)

Criteria (each marked out of 10):

Streets, public areas and sidewalks free of rubbish and clean

Gutters/drains cleared of silt

Gutters/drains free of solid waste

Riversides and beaches where applicable free of rubbish and clean


Beautification (20%)

Criteria (each marked out of 10):

Flowers and/or carpet grass

Vegetation, trees and/or green space

Other beautification (street art, painted or smart buildings, etc)


Sustainability and innovative solutions (30%)

Criteria (each marked out of 10):

Implementation of system for regular cleaning

Arrangements with community businesses (youth groups/OCF/others) to ensure its solid waste is properly disposed of

Solid waste separated at source by community

Arrangements with community businesses (vacuum truck operators/ manual pit emptiers) to ensure proper disposal of liquid waste

Adoption of innovative/creative solutions