Freetown City Council Community Tree Planting and Stewardship Small Grants Program – A call for applications

As a core component of the Transform Freetown Agenda, The Mayor of Freetown and the Freetown City Council (FCC) set the goal to increase tree and vegetation cover by 50% from 2018 levels by 2022 to address the impact of climate change on the City and its residents. To get there, we target to plant and grow 1 million trees across the 13 Catchment areas of the Western Area Peninsula [Freetown and Western Area Rural District] over the 2020 and 2021 rainy seasons. For phase one implementation of the #FreetownTheTreetownCampaign in 2020, the FCC is partnering with the Western Rural District Council, the Ministry of Environment, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Guma Valley Water Co., the Ministry of Water Resources, the National Water Resources Management Agency, the National Protected Area Authority (NPAA), the Ministry of Finance, the World Bank and the Environmental Foundation for Africa (EFA) to plant and grow 500,000 trees in the of upper catchment and high slope areas in 58 targeted reforestation areas across 11 Catchment areas, as well as, targeted mangrove woodlands to address critical recurring hazards and avoid potential disasters, restore natural ecosystems’ and protect the water supply and sanitation infrastructure.