Freetown City Council - Established 1872

Our Vision

Working in collaboration with central government and the people of Freetown, the vision is to improve the lives of all Freetonians and to make Freetown a destination city.

Yvonne Aki-Sawyerr was elected as the Mayor of Freetown in the local government elections that were conducted on 7th March 2018. Her campaign was based on the transformation of Freetown under the themes outlined below and with the 14 related sectors/areas of focus as set out in her vision statement.


Fɔ Wi Kɔmyuniti – focusing on delivery of social services
Fɔ Wi Progrɛs – focusing on job creation
Fɔ Wi Fritɔng – focusing on the built infrastructure and environmental management

Priority Sectors:

  •  Education
  •  Health
  •  Solid Waste Management
  •  Revenue Mobilisation
  •  Private Sector Development & Job Creation
  •  Skills Development
  •  Environmental Management
  •  Urban Planning  (including Markets & Street Trading)
  •  Housing
  •  Transportation
  •  Road Maintenance
  •  Traffic Management
  • Disabilities
  • Water

Therefore the successful operationalization of the Mayor of Freetown’s vision statement will directly complement the development efforts of the new central government.The Mayor’s sectors/areas of focus are aligned with key areas of focus of the newly elected central government’s New Direction Manifesto

Download a summary below:

FCC_Operationalizing the Mayor’s Vision Summary


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