Freetown City Council - Established 1872

Fɔ wi Kɔmyuniti


  • Improve quality of primary to mid-secondary education with increased investment in teachers, educational facilities and schools supervision
  • Improve quality of primary and secondary healthcare by strengthening community healthcare workers, increasing public health awareness and access to diagnostic facilities
  • Enhance citywide sanitation through the design and implementation of a comprehensive end to end waste management strategy
  • Provide adequate designated covered and open markets with appropriate facilities
  • Improve housing conditions including facilitating the provision of affordable social housing
  • Provide opportunities for people with disabilities to live independently
  • Significantly increase FCC revenue generation to facilitate provision of improved public services
  • Ensure efficient and effective collection of appropriate property rates, local taxes, licenses, fees and other charges
  • Align development partner initiatives with the city’s vision and priorities

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